USB U-Shape Low Voltage Heated Neck Cushion For Traval

Superior comfort for a chair, car seat, plane or wheelchair
Relaxes your muscles
Increases the oxygen supply to the brain
Relieves tiredness and pain
Improve the blood circulation of your neck and head
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Product Details

Ideal for shoulder pain

Special design for improved fit and comfort

Simple hook-and-loop closure

Retail packed - ideal as a gift

1. Product Picture

USB heated neck cushion supplier.jpg



2. Product Specification

Product name: USB Powered Neck Cushion 

Model number: HP327

Product Size:70 x 13 CM

Material: soft neoprene fabric 

Operated by any power pack with USB plug

3 setting level for an option with the different color of the light display


  • Keep all pets off the product to avoid wire damage caused by chewing and/or clawing.

  • Follow instructions for care, including laundering.

  • Ensure the blanket or mattress pad is the right size for your bed.

  • Do not use on bunk beds, waterbeds or mechanically adjustable beds.

  • Make sure the cord is not trapped between the mattress and box spring.

  • Do not smoke in bed.

  • Do not use more than one heating device on the bed at one time.

  • Please make sure that the blanket is NOT plugged into a Surge Protector or Power Strip.

3. Product Package

USB heated neck cushion supplier.jpg