Buy Waist Wrap Heating Pad, USB Powered Heating Pad, Wrap Around Electric Heating Pad for Comfort Pain Relief

Soft neoprene fabric cordless waist heating pad, buy for your family, fashionable style and soft feeling for your lover.
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Product Details

The power bank easily to carry, warm your waist with fast heating technique. To incresed blood flow and 

provide soothing and muscular relaxation. Portable relief that targets affected areas to help alleviate pain and relax tight muscles.

1. Product picture

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2. Product description

Product name: Cordless heating belt

Model number: HP325

Product Size:19 x 110CM

Material: soft neoprene fabric 

Operated by any power pack with USB plug

Adjustable traps for custom fit

Adaptor with CE/GS approval

* 3 different power setting for your thermal comfort

* Targeted pain relief

*  Application: office work,  outdoor sports, travelling, seniors, elderly care.

3. Product packaging

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