Superior Quality Pet Warmer Pad, Overheating Protection Pet Warmers Electric, 15W Pet Food Warmer, Pet Warmer Pad Adapter With UL CE GS Approval

Product name: Superior Quality Pet Warmer Pad
Model number: PB501
Material: Soft synthetic wool (upper side)& nylon bed
Product Size: 50x55x16cm / 60x80x16cm
Certificate: CE/GS approval and Rohs test
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Product Details

To keep your pet warm during the winter, it's worth taking the time to keep your pet warm throughout the winter. Superior quality pet warmer pad is designed to make your pet safe and reliable in a gentle and comfortable environment. When the pet is lying on it, it takes a few minutes to quickly heat a heated mat to keep enough heat for your dog/cat to help them embrace the warmth in cold weather!

Superior quality pet warmer pad is safe and low pressure. As with any pet warmer pad, if your pet is older, sick, or unable to move the position yourself, be sure to check the location regularly. But it is worth noting that all parts are dry before use. Do not submerge any parts to put the thermal pad into the water.


* Power support by the adapter

* Fast heating and overheating protection

* Superior quality pet warmer pad with soft synthetic wool

* A cozy and warm bed for your lovely dog or cat

* Low voltage operated by adaptor for safety use

Product specification:

Product nameSuperior Quality Pet Warmer Pad
Model numberPB501
MaterialSoft synthetic wool (upper side)& nylon bed
Product Size50x55x16cm / 60x80x16cm
Warranty2 years
CertificateCE/GS approval and Rohs test
MOQ500pcs higher price; More than 500pcs cheaper price
Shipping mannerby express/air/sea

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Product packaging:

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