Electric Pet Warmer Mattress with Soft Fleece Bed, Washable Warming Pet Mattress Price, Dog Bed Warmer

Pet heating pad provides a warm place for your pets sitting and sleeping in the day and at night. Especially for the injured pets, pregnant pets, new-born pets, old pets, make them feel comfortable, good for their health and emotion.
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Product Details

Dog bed warmer made of Polyester fabric and synthetic wool layer, there are two levels of temperature modes available for you to adjust by hand. 

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Product specification 

Product name: Pet Warmer 

Model number: PB503

Material: soft synthetic wool (upper side)

Product Size:58x43cm / 82x65cm /83x109cm


Power support by the adapter

Overheating protection

Certificate: CE/GS approval and Rohs test

Product packaging

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