How to Proper Selection Of Electric Blankets

How to Proper Selection of Electric Blankets?

1. Security:

Above all, we should distinguish the safety standard of electric heating blanket (QS), which is the national mandatory attested mark, only the electric heating blanket that marks QS mark and production license number in conspicuous position are the safe product, which pass national quality safety to examine.

2. Heating speed:

Check the heating effect and speed of each gear position of your electric blanket, for example, take the most high-grade, after electrifying electric blanket normally and choosing good gear position. Generally speaking, 3 minutes users will be able to feel apparent temperature to rise, and the electric blanket cannot give out noise when it runs.

3. Appearance:

The appearance of the electric blanket should be firm, smooth, without the phenomenon of bulge and fracture. Power plug and wire should not damage, no cracks, the controller should be crisp and flexible, and the heating indicator shall be clearly tattooed.


The professional manufacturer produces the heating items should have the product details that accords to product model, specification, and it is to elaborate clear that the printing is exquisite.The instructions should not only specify the use method of the product, matters needing attention, but also indicate the implementation standard, service life, production date and other important information of the product - all of which are important guarantees to help us buy high-quality heating items, which cannot be ignored.


Jan.15, 2018