Keep out of the Cold - Electric Blanket

The benefits of electric blankets?


1. Keep Warm Function

Electric blanket, which is a kind of contact type electric heating appliance, it's special in insulation performance achieves standard soft cable type electric heating element to show coil snake shape to weave or sew into blanket, it will give out heat namely when using it.The working principle and structure of electric heating blanket are similar to that of electric heating throw, electric heating pad.

2. Therapy effect 

Can effectively relieve rheumatism, joint muscle pain patients, but the pain symptoms will become worse and worse in cold winter and spring, which may cause vascular lesions, peripheral circulation damage in the cold environment, it will appear brothers afraid of cold physical symptoms, so winter warmth is very important. Our electric blankets can provide better care.

You need a warm blanket in this cold winter and having a nice holiday.


26 Dec. 2018