How To Protect Cervical Vertebra Efficiently

No matter the office workers or students, the protection of cervical vertebra is very necessary.Because sit for a long time without exercise ,easily cause cervical vertebra pain,even severe cervical vertebra disease.So how can we do to protect cervical vertebra well in our daily life?

Firstly, sitting posture should be straight without bow,or you will feel acid pain with cervical vertebra. 

Secondly,do not sit up for a long time,try to move around to avoid a long time without cervical spine activity.

Thirdly,do some exercises to relieve cervical vertebra, such as swimming, aerobics, or yoga.


All of these exercises can relax the cervical vertebra and effectively protect the cervical vertebra. If you do not have time to do it in your daily life, you can gently twist your neck, look around everywhere, raise your head or do other actions.Usually also can massage the cervical vertebra , the cervical vertebra will feel comfortable.

You can also have a neck and shoulder heating pad to protect your neck.Here is the details:


Material:Super cosy flannel





17th Jul. 2019