How to Prevent Static Electricity Effectively

Static electricity seems inevitable, especially in dry winters.Once when you understand how static electricity is generated and transferred, can you take steps to reduce the initial static electricity and control how it is transferred to the body, thereby you are able to reduce the electric shock at each touch.The following are the methods to remove static electricity from home.

1.Use a humidifier.

When the air is dry, static electricity is more active, especially in winter.In addition,when people in warm rooms,the humidity of the air will be lower . That’s to say,using humidifiers to increase humidity in your home and in the workplace is wise.Moisture in the air helps to reduce the build-up of static electricity.Planting plants around your house or workplace can also help increase humidity. What’s more,boiling water on the stove is a simple humidifier as well.Adding spices such as cinnamon or citrus peel to the water not only increases the humidity of the air, but also gives off a very good smell.



2.Care carpets with anti-static chemicals.

Most carpet retailers or carpet companies offer carpet spray treatments. Some carpets are made specifically from anti-static materials. Spray the carpet with a small amount of anti-static spray ,then leave it completely dry before using will greatly reduce the amount of static electricity while walking on the carpet.

3.To make an anti-static spray at home.

Pour a bottle of cap softener into a watery spray bottle, shake well and spray gently on the carpet. Wipe the interior with a piece of dry coat. Wipe the cushioned furniture or car seats with dry pieces to reduce the build-up of static electricity on these surfaces.Dry ingress can help neutralize the charge.You can also try spraying some anti-static sprays in these places.

4.Carry some metal items with you.

Metal items, such as coins, tins or key fobs.Touch the metal surfaces with any kind of metal before skin touches them.This is also called anti-static, and the charge is transferred to the metal object, so the body does not accumulate electric charge.


Why do some users report the "leakage" when using a newly purchased electric blanket? This leakage is not a real leakage,while this phenomenon is due to that  the blanket material is chemical fiber , power after the role of the alternating electric field produced static electricity.In most cases, this phenomenon is eliminated as soon as the body is transmitted to the earth.So there is no need to worry about the "leakage" of electric heating blanket.



28th Jun. 2019