Can Heating Pad Be Used to Relieve The Neck Pain

Recently,there is a heated discussion on whether a heating pad can be used to relieve the neck pain.

stiff neck often caused by sleeping in an uncomfortable position ,while the application of heat accelerates the recovery of the neck . That is to say,as heat penetrates the painful area, blood circulation increases due to the dilation of blood vessels. This increase in blood flow reduces inflammation, brings extra oxygen and carries away waste and toxins. As this process takes place, pain will reduce.

Generally speaking,there are a variety of methods to reduce the stiff neck,they are as follows.

1. Exercise

2. Over-the-counter medicine

3. Physical therapy


As for HP323 itself,for one thing,not only does it have fast heating and overheating protection,but also the heating pad itself will be off in 90 minutes automatically.Nothing could be much safer;For another thing,the material of our product is super cosy fleece surface.The soft touch makes people who use it feel pleasant as well.So it is wise to use our heating pad to relieve the neck pain.


31 Mar. 2019