3 Tips To Make The Adjustment A Little More Enjoyable

It's winter,  days become shorter, and day turns to night in what suddenly feels like the blink of an eye.

 Along with that, exposure to sunlight decresed.

3 tips to make the adjustment a little more enjoyable

1) Turn your home into a cozy paradise, Indulge all your favorite creatrue comforts,  warmer blanket and thick warm socks.

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2) Make sure to do  mood-boosting workouts a week. Exercise will boost your serotonin (happiness hormone) 

and help fight off any lethargy you might be feeling with the onset of winter blues.


3) Reset your Internal Sleep-Wake Clock. Synchronize your inner clock to the natural environment. Catching early morning rays is vital for aiding the circadian rhythm which works in tandem with melatonin, the sleep hormone.

Lily Nov.21