Why does Electric blanket use stamp welding te

Electric blanket is first chioce to combat cold weather. Why?

1. Keep body warm

2. Low cost Electric blanket with stamp welding is top popular for Euro market, we sold 800,000 pcs for one size.


I would like to share the stamp welding technolog's advantage with you.

Ultrasonic wave has a good welding effect on non-woven fabric- electric blanket raw materials.

1. No needle and thread is used, which saves the trouble of frequent needle and thread changing.

Besides, the sewing speed is 5 to 10 times that of needle sewing.

2. It is a new generation of safe and environmental-friendly products, because of the absence of needle, eliminate the hidden danger of safety.

3. Without traditional suture , it has strong adhesion, clear embossing, more three-dimensional relief effect on the surface, and more high-grade and beautiful products

4. It's durability and safety.

5. It's a new fashion trend.

Hope it can help you when choosing electric blanket.

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