Could you introduce pet warmer?

         Nowadays, more and more people like keeping pets as friends and family memebers at home.On the one hand, it can relieve the lonliness of the old man; Above all, it could bring us happiness.We know as winter comes, the weather is very cold in some countries, such as American Alaska, Europe and so on. Then how to protect pets? Pet warmer is a good choice.


              About Our electric pet bed

  We have three different styles of electric heated pet bed now.Their sizes are respectively 50x55x16cm/60x80x16cm, 61x12cm/76x12cm and 58x43cm/82x65cm/83x109cm. Consumption power is 15W. These heating pet beds upper side material are all made of soft synthetic wool. They provide cats or dogs a warm environment against the cold winter. It is very beneficial to pets' health care. In addition, they have overheating protection function and power is supported by the adapter. All adapters are in accordance with UL approval.Please click below pictures to choose your favorite model.


Pet Warmer Model


                                                    Common warming bed for pets doubts

A.How to use ?

   Lay pet warmer inside pet box .It should at least take up half of pad in order that pets can distinguish cold from hot area, then they may properly adjust temperature.

B.What is the difference of human heating pad and pet warmer?

   Pet warmer power is 15W and provides natural temperature of cats and dogs. However, human heating pad power is 50W or 80W, this will be too warm for pets.Concrete human heating pads products please visit this website:

C.Does your pet warmer have cover?

   Very sorry that these products do not have cover.But you may put it into the pet bed.

                                                         How to order

          If you want to buy pet warmers, welcome to tell us your qty, product model, packing, specification, destination port and so on. We will quote you as soon as possible.