Which Sizes North America Market Electric Blankets Have?

    Electric blankets sizes are various due to different markets demands. For example, America market blankets are in inches; While Europe markets are in cm. This essay will introduce several common North America electric blankets sizes.

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      Now we have four electric heating blankets sizes. They are respectively twin size, full size, queen size and king size. Twin size, also called single size, is used for one person. Such as, BLV-OB200 twin size electric heating blanekt. Full size is bigger than twin size. It is suitable for tall single person or double person who are of medium build, for instance, BLV-OB201A full size electric overblanket. Queen size refers to double size or larger than a double bed, but smaller than king size. The typical product is BLV-OB202 queen size heated blanket. King size is defined as very big size. It is very convenience for some very large people and slightly overweight couple to use it, for example, BLV-OB203 king size electric blanket.


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