When you received the Heating Pad products,please read the instruction manuals carefully at first.How to use the Heating Pad? Now I will share some ways for you.

For Use:

You can use the heat pad to gently heat and relax any part of the body. Use of the heat pad promotes blood circulation through sore muscles and increases well being after a strenuous day. The heat pad reaches a pleasant temperature within a few minutes of switching on. The temperature can be adjusted as required.

For Operation:

Insert the mains plug into the socket and switch on the heat pad. To do this move the switch on the control unit  to position 1, 2 or 3, as required. The switch clicks into each position. When the appliance is switched on, the regulating level appears on the operating control display. The higher the regulating level, the higher the temperature.

To switch off the unit, move the switch completely back to position 0. If the operating control display goes out, the device is switched off.

Move the selector switch to position 1 or 2 before falling asleep or any continuous use. The heat pad will switch off automatically after approx. 90 minutes of continuous use.

Unplug the unit from the mains outlet once you have finished using it.

For Switch positions:

0 = the heat pad is switched off, the operating control display is off.

1 = lowest heat level,the operating control display shows “1”.

Level 1 is recommended for continuous operation.

2 = middle heat level, the operating control display shows “2”.

3 = highest heat level, the operating control display shows “3”.

For Automatic cutout:

The heat pad is equipped with an automatic cutout.

This switches the unit off after 90 minutes of operation,independent of the heat level selected. Return the switch to position 0. However, to switch the heat pad back on, move the switch back to position 0 and then move it to the heat level required.

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