What Should Be Considered about Before Buying an Electric Blanket?

There are plenty of variations – electric underblankets, electric throws, electric overblankets and even electric mattress pad – but what they all have in common is a series of thin electrical wires that heat up when it’s plugged into the mains.

electric blanket

When buying a electric blanket for bedroom, make sure it fits well onto the bed. Think about how quickly you need the electric blanket to heat up – if you’re prone to forgetting to switch it on until last minute, this can make a big difference. Also consider whether your partner feels the cold more or less than you – many come with dual controls electric blanket. How many heat settings do you want? Do you want one that can remain on all night? Can the heated blanket be washed in the washing machine, and even go in the tumble drier? How easy are the controls to operate? Some are so whizzy that they even respond to your body’s own temperature. Make sure that you can’t feel the wires. And if you’re buying one to use on the sofa, think about the colour, size, texture and how thick it is – as well as how many temperature options there are.

electric blanket 

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