What's the Electric blanket?

The electric is new heating item, most people use it in cold winter.

The Electric blanket could give you warm and relief your body pain,help you to fall asleep quickly.

Heating is composed by two main parts of the controller and blanket. it helps people to get warm during cold weather by converting energy into heat through an energy conversion mechanism.

The electric blanket body consists of 3 layers, including main layers of the thermal conductor and the outer fleece.

The heat conducting body is composed of heat resistant core and synthetic fiber, which is resistant to high temperature, durability and water.

The outer layer of electric blanket is fabric layer, we use Skin-friendly and Stylish materials such as flannel fleece, coral fleece and sherpa fleece.

It's smoth and soft for skin touch, at the same time it efficiently preserve heat for head-to-toe warmth.

We are have more than 15 year's experiences in heating item, maybe can offer some suggestion for electric blanket. Hope my sharing can help you.

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