What is the Pre-heating function of Electric Blanket or Electric Mattress Pad?

Which electric blanket has the fastest pre-heating? Which electric mattress pads heat the fastest? This is often the first question people ask us when searching for new heated blanket. But strangely enough, this feature may not be as important as it seems! In our opinion you should not give up any other features you want just in order to get one with the quickest re-heating. Why?

electric mattress pad

Holding all other items constant (for example, the addition of a comforter over your heating blanket or mattress cover), your bed warmth depends on the amounts of time and the wattage(the measure of heat) supplied by the heating blanket. So, basic science tells us that, if you want to shorten the time it takes to warm your bed, you must increase the wattage.

electric heating blanket

Electric blanket and electric mattress pad pre-heating works by energizing the product at a higher wattage(heat level)during the pre-heat period before switching itself to the normal heat level. But you need to know that by turning on any warming blanket or warming mattress pad that does not have the pre-heat feature a few minutes earlier, you can accomplish the same warm bed at an identical cost of electricity.


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