What is the Difference between Moist and Dry Heating Pad?

When considering the use of a heating pad, one of the most important choices is that of moist vs dry heating pad.  The majority of heating pads provide dry heat, however, heating pads can also be used to provide moist heat.            

Both moist and dry heating pads can relieve sore muscles, but some people prefer one method over the other. Many experience a greater level of immediate relief from moist heating pad, but dry heating pad generally lasts longer and offers more convenience. Oftentimes, deciding between the two is a matter of personal preference. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of both kinds can help you decide which to use.

dry heating pad              moist and dry heating pad

Dry heating pad can draw moisture out of the skin while moist heating pad do not. As Vert Mooney, MD, explains on the Spine Health website, using dry heating pad may even dehydrate skin. Dry heating pad often prove more convenient to apply and many people find it easier to maintain the proper level of heat for an extended length of time with dry heating pad. Some people prefer moist heating pad, believing that the moisture helps the heat permeate sore muscles.

moist heating pad

So, Which type of heating pad you are going to choose, moist or dry, should depend on the nature of your pain and your lifestyle.

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