What is an Electric Blanket?

The majority of electric blankets are made from polyester material with an internal integrated wiring system that provides warmth and heat through heated wires. This structure prevents potential fire hazards while being interwoven enough to trap and maintain warmth.
Plug into electrical outlet and can be set on different levels of heat. Most manufacturers offer electric blankets with at least three heat settings: low, medium and high.
Electric blankets that are made for a double or king-sized bed (two people) might come with adjustable heat levels on each side with 2 controllers, and the heat levels can be controlled and changed through the button of controllers.
Electric blankets can divided into 2 types: electric overblanket and electric underblanket.
Electric blankets generally be used during colder months to keep body warm, some people prefer to use electric blankets to heat the bed only, and others might prefer to use it throughout the night.
If you can’t take another night of lying down in a cold bed or you want to cut down the thermostat to reduce your energy bills without sacrificing comfort, a electric blanket is exactly a good choice for your home.