How To Relief Neck And Shoulder Pain?

               Nowadays, with the advent of mobile phone and computer, more and more people become phubber. They are used to use mobile phone to chat, surf, read news and play games. We can see the same scene everywhere in the life: in bus, subway, road,  almost all people watch mobile phone. It is reported that a fourteen-year girl in Qingdao plays mobile phone about five to six hours every day, as a result her cervical vertebra is equal to quinquagenary. Then how to protect our neck and prevent spondylosis? Heating pillow is the best choice. 


Neck Pain

                       Every year millions of people get neck pain. It was caused by many reasons. First, sit at a computer for a long time; Second, too much stress and excessive tension; Third, related to cervical spine, such as pinched nerve and aging. No matter which reason cause, neck pain is tiring and agonizing for us. Therefor, we should take measures to reduce it. How to relieve? We recomment electric heating pillow.

                                    Special Heating Pads



              There are many ways to treat neck pain. Many people tends to massage and exercise. It is well-known that sleep accounts for one third of our life. When neck pain is acute, we may change sleeping habits.  That is to say, another good method for reliefing pain is heated should wrap.Our special heating pad applies to American, Europe, South Africa, Australia and so on. American heating pad for neck and shoulder pain has passed ETL approval. Europe and other markets neck and shoulder heating pad has CE,GS approval and Rohs, Reach test. About more products information, please click the following pictures to choose your favorite model.


Special Heating Pad

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