What does Heating pad bring to us?

Before our topic,let me share what is a Heating pad? It is made of a soft cosy material, commonly used with radiator to bring heat from heated components providing better heat transfer.

It sounds good,what does Heating pad bring to us? It has many practical functions:
Relieve pain when we feel body aches, drowsiness...
Warm the body in a cold and dry environment.
Provide us muscle relaxation after long time high energy movement.
Warm up the body before sports.
Alleviate fatigue after a long journey,heavy work...
Improve blood circulation for preventing poor blood flow.
Help people fall asleep quickly if you have insomnia.
Enjoy leisure wellness to improve your living quality.

Wow,it's so miraculous. So, can we reuse heating pad? Yes.It is perfectly fine to reuse it again, provided heating pad is clean and  its conductivity has not been damaged. The lifetime usually 1 to 3 years.

Thanks for your interest to our heating pad. Next time will share you some information about our Elertric blanket.