What are the effects of electric blankets?

- Mar 22, 2017-


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     Electric blankets are also called DianRuzi. It is a type of blanket that uses insulated wire to product heat and provide warmth for the user. Therefor, more and more people like it very much.  Generally speaking, its power is between 60W and 120W. What are electric heating blankets effects? 

      Every coin has two sides. There is no doubt that heated blanket owns positive effects and negtive effects. 

     A. Positive Effects:

          a. It can ease certain pains, especially joint and muscle pains. Electric warming blankets have good protection effect for the rheumatic pain and reduce the frequency and severity of relapses.

           b. It could provide good care for the old and the weak.

           c. In colde winter, it can be used to warm our bed and cause us get to sleep quickly. To some extent, this prevents us from having a cold.

     B. Negative Effects:

            a. It may creat electromagnetic field. Some studies have shown that there are some relationships between electromagnetic field and health questions.

             b. When we use heated over blankets at night, as temperature is gradually raised, maybe it restrains sleep patterns over long time, reduces our sleep quality and make people feel tired in the second day.

             c. If we put to use it for too a long period and do not maintain it, it will lead to electric leakage and cause burn. So you'd better not turn it off as you sleep. About how to maintain heated electric throw, please see the link http://www.bstherm.com/info/electric-blanket-maintenance-and-storage-instr-14820148.html.

           In conclusion, we should use it by correct manner. Minizing negative effects inhibit health concerns and burning. Taking full advantage of positive effects reduce our pains; 

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