Usage of electric blanket.

Electric blanket has the advantages of warmth, comfort, sanitation, portability and so on. It has certain auxiliary therapeutic effects on arthritis, rheumatism, lumbago and chronic bronchitis.

The use of electric blanket should pay great attention to safety and prevent accidents.
The specific precautions are as follows:

1. Before use, should read the instruction manual carefully, had better ask experienced person to give guidance.

2. Electric heat blanket suits to be used on hard board bed, unfavorable be used on Simmons bed, steel wire soft bed and sofa bed, because the electric hot line after force is in, stretch or tortuous, easy deformation or fracture, cause an accident.

3. The electric blanket must be tiled and placed between the quilt and the sheet, not under the quilt, to prevent slow heat transfer and local temperature from burning out the element.

4. Electric heating blanket can never be folded to use, in order to avoid heat concentration, temperature rise is too high, causing local overheating. Use electric blanket, should not be folded every day, so it will affect the tensile strength and tortuous performance of electric hot wire, resulting in electric hot wire fracture.

5. The control switch of general electric blanket has close, preheat, heat preservation three gears. Before going to bed, first put the switch to the preheating gear, after about half an hour, the temperature can reach about 45℃. Before you go to sleep, shift the switch to an insulated position or to a closed position if you do not need to continue heating. Use the preheating gear, it is best not to exceed 2h, if use for a long time, easy to make the electric blanket safety device damaged.

6. Electric blanket does not use with the appliance such as hot water bag, soup wife, hot water bottle together, also do not use on fire pit, lest the heat of other heating appliance accelerates insulation layer ageing and shorten the service life of electric blanket.

7. After the electric blanket is electrified, when the electric blanket that cannot automatically control temperature reaches the appropriate temperature, the power supply should be cut off immediately.

8. After the electric blanket is electrified, in case of temporary power failure, should disconnect the circuit, in case of an accident caused by unattended power call.

9. Before use, should carefully check the power plug, blanket outside the electric heating lead, temperature controller, etc. After electrification, if the electric blanket is not hot or only partially hot, indicating that the electric blanket may be faulty, should immediately pull out the power plug for maintenance.

10. Never stab an electric blanket with a needle or other sharp object. Be careful when removing and replacing fuses.

11. When using electric blankets to children, old people and patients, it is necessary to prevent children from urinating on the stepping bed, patients from urinating incontinence, or sweat dampening the electric blanket, which may cause short circuit of the electric hotline. If touch water or urine wet electric heating blanket, should in time air dry, or electrify after drying, then use. Use, must be attended to, pay attention to control the appropriate temperature, to avoid overheating and burning.