Two Years Warranty Europe & Other Markets Electric Heating Blankets

         As the winter approaches and the weather turns cold, there is an increasing demand of people for electric blankets. In our company, electric heating blankets are features products. They are suitable for America, Europe, Australia, South Africa, Israel, Pakistan. On July 17, we elaborated America electric blankets. There is no doubt that today our topic is Europe & Other markets heating blanekts.

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           Europe & Other markets electric blankets have two kinds. One is electric underblanket. The other is electric overblanket. Because of different controller quantities, electric underblankets can be divided into single controller electric underblanket and electric underblanket double dual control. Electric underblankets single are common, for instance, BLV-UB101, UB100,  UB103B, UB111, UB113, UB114. The representative electric underblanket dual control examples are UB200, UB104B, UB112.

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       Electric overblankets are made of super cosy flannel fleece or soft microplush. Sizes have 180x130cm and 160x120cm. They are all one detachable controller. You may adjust Hi/Med/Low temperature at random. Unique overheating protection function guarantee your safety.


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