The Operating Instructions of the Electric heating Blankets

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        1. Laying the electric heating blanket

˙The electric heating blanket should be laid on a relatively hard and unadjustable mattress. The blanket body should be laid flat from shoulder to feet when sleeping.

   ˙The electric heating blanket can be spreaded either on the front side or the back side. The side with the switch should be placed near the shoulder for the convenient operation.

˙The four clasps on the corners should be fixed tightly to the mattress or the bed after you lay the electric heating blanket to prevent the blanket from moving or creasing. (The creased part tends to cause high temperature which is very dangerous.)

˙In order to keep the electric heating blanket flat and clean, and to reduce the abrasion, please cover the blanket with sheet for use. (Don’t cover it with blanketry or cotton mat , which will prevent the blanket from transmitting heat.)

2. Operation of the electric heating blanket while using

˙Please pre-heat the electric heating blanket for 30 minutes to 1 hour before using. Plug in the blanket to the power supply and make sure they are connected firmly. Set the switch to high level, and the blanket will warm up soon.

˙For all-night use of the electric heating blanket , you should pre-set the switch to low level before sleeping in order to avoid the risk of heatstroke. Pls switch off the blanket when you do not need heating.

˙The switch of the blanket should be exposed to the air. Don’t cover it with quilt or pillow , and pls avoid pressure on it.

3. After use

˙Please switch off the blanket after you get up, and then unplug the blanket from the power supply.