The Notes of Using Electric Blankets

    Now more and more people choose an electric blanket to keep warm in cold winter. It is convenient to use and has good effect on staying warm. However, using an electric heating blanket has some tips. If neglecting these details will bring hidden trouble.

Electric Blanket


     The following are some using heated blankets notes:

                 First, lay it flat on top of the bed and do not fold. If it is folded, wires may be warped and broken. At last, this will lead to electric leakage.

                 Second, put heated electric throw lightly instead of vigorously stretch. Because the wires are thin, it is easy to be broken if excessively pull.

                 Third, do not leave electric blankets switches on all night even though minimum temperature in order to avoid chronic burns. 

                 Fourth, prohibit putting other things except for thin bed sheet or cotton-padded mattress. Otherwise, it is likely to start a fire owing to start a fire.

                 Fifth, prevent put inflammable goods on the heated mattress pad. Such as newspaper, cloth, book and so on.

                 Sixth, do not use it together with a hot water bottle or when it is wet.

      Seventh, do not use an electric blanket for an infant, disabled person or someone insensitive to heat.

                 Eighth, Once fire disaster, right away turn off the power and cover buring place with dry cloth. Do not use water to spray in case of electric shock hazard.


Electric Blanket


                               Wish you spend a warm winter!