The Electric Blanket for Vehicles

How to stay warm in your vehicle during frigid temperatures?  We suggest you use 12-Volt Electric Blanket for vehicles, which can Keep you comfy on long road trips. It is a comfortable companion for cars, convertibles, trucks and recreational rides such as SUVs and RVs.

The auto use electric blankets measure a roomy 150X2750px in size. This 12-volt automatic electric blanket is large enough to cover two people. The extra-long cord even reaches the back seat. Made from luxurious 100 percent polyester fleece, the car electric blanket lets you enjoy ultimate comfort on the road and conserves body heat in the event of lower temperatures inside your vehicle. Simply plug the heated blanket into your cigarette lighter socket with the included adapter. The heat settings on the automatic electric blanket are taken care of by the automatic temperature control. 

electric blanket for vehicle

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