The advantages of wool

Wool material is very popular in winter,electric foot warmer is one of the most warm products. The warmth that wool material brings that you cannot resist.There are many advantages of wool material to ensure you choose and buy suitable wool products. What is the advantage of wool material?

Firstly,the wool material feeling is good,better gloss and it is not easy to be folded.About the pure wool, is breathable, elastic and stretching.The quality is also very good,the gloss is more natural and soft.

Secondly,wool is a kind of natural fiber with good hygroscopicity. The research shows that the water absorbtion of wool is better than that of conventional synthetic fiber, cotton, silk and other natural fibers under any conditions.When our body sweats,the wool material has high water absorbtion,it can maintain air around us in a lower temperature range.This is reason why wool fabric is comfortable.

Thirdly,the wool material is a very good hydrophilic fiber, very comfortable to wear.The foot warmer heated boot can give you super warmth,due to wool is curly naturally.It can be formed a barrier to keep the cold air out.The wool material is very durable.It can recovery after the strict bending and stretching test,with very good bending feature.So this kind of material also have good appearance.


10th Dec. 2019