SAA Electric Blanket - Australia Market

SAA Electric Blanket - Australia Market

SAA certification is the standard certification of Australia, so many people called Australia certification. For the electrical products entering the Australian market must have SAA certification. SAA mainly has two kinds of symbols, one is the form of recognition, another is the standard logo.

SAA certification is broad in scope, different types of certification marks are slightly different from others. The main areas are as follows:

1. Quality management system;

2. Environmental management system;

3. Occupational health and safety management;

4. Information security management;

5. HACCP food safety management;

6. Product certification


Formal certification is only responsible for samples, while the standard marking is required for each factory review.The application for SAA certification in Australia is usually 3-4 weeks. If the product quality is not reach to standard, the application date would be extended. SAA as it is commonly known is actually as standards institute, responsible for Standards development and revision. Electronic appliances and other heating items entering Australia (including Australia and New Zealand) must pass SAA certification, and the certification number on the products can be legally sold in Australia.

SAA Electric Blanket - Australia Market

For all of our electric blankets have SAA certification. Welcome to option, we hope to bring you warmth in this cold winter.


Jan.17, 2018