Precautions for electric blanket

1 choose and buy electric blanket, must identify the regular manufacturer's products, in case of affecting the safety of use.
2. When the electric blanket is used for the first time or is put aside for a long time, it should be electrified for about 1 hour in the case of someone monitoring to check whether it is safe.
3. After the electric blanket is electrified, if the power is temporarily cut off, the circuit should be disconnected to prevent fire caused by unattended power call.
4. When using the electric blanket, be careful not to fold it or break it with sharp objects.Discontinue use as soon as damage is found.
5. Lay a blanket or a thin cotton pad on top and bottom of the electric heating blanket to prevent the electric heating wire from bending back and forth and rubbing violently, resulting in short circuit, fracture and electric shock.
6. It is better to choose the electric blanket with indicator light and protection device, so that it is convenient to observe whether it is in the state of power on, in case of short circuit and other accidents can quickly automatically cut off the power supply.
Electric blankets should be kept away from open fires, especially smoking in bed.
8. Every household appliance has a service life. After the electric blanket reaches its service life, it should be replaced in time.
9. When the elderly and children use electric blankets, they should take special care to avoid any danger.

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