Our New Product Plate Warmer

- Apr 01, 2017-

       Human is iron as if the meal is steel,you will be hungry if you don't eat. The Cold Food Festival or Hanshi Festival in memory of Jie Zitui is a traditional Chinese holiday celebrated on day to two days before the Qingming Festival. In these two days, people only eat cold food. These cold foods include cold barley gruel, dried porridge, ring cake and jujube cake in short of nutrition and water. Eating them for a long time is very harmful to our health. Then how to keep food warm? Our company R&D department design several latest styles of plate warmer.

Plate Warmer

             Now we have four styles electric dish warmer. Their materials are aluminum foil with cotton cover. Products sizes are 101x21cm and 198x30cm. Powers have 60W and 200W. Voltage is 220-240V. Markets focus on Europe, South Africa, South America, Australia and so on. They all have passed CE approval, Rohs and Reach test. Our home plate warmer has a very good function in washable cotton cover thanks to removable. These heated plates pad can fast heat in minutes and own overheating protection effect. Please click the following picture to choose your favorite style.

Plate Warmer

          Food plate warmer is a quite safe and economical way to heat food. According to different sizes, they can accommodate 3 to 12 standard dinner plates. It is a ideal choice for family dinner. When we do not use, they can be easily to stored in drawer.  If we often eat cold food, it will make our stomach function impaire. In order to our health, dear friends, welcome to order our plate heating pad.

Plate Warmer

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