Other Electric Heating Blanket And Heating Pads Controllers

  In last essay, we introduced three style controllers. Believe everyone has a basic knowledge of electric blanket controller function and features. In this text we will show other three styles controllers. 

America ETL Electric Mattress Pad.jpg

    The fourth kind of controller has 3 temperature settings with level indicator. It is used in Europe market. Products focus on electric overblanket, electric underblanket, heating pad, foot warmer and some special heating pads. Heated underblankets products models include UB103B, UB104B, UB103, UB104, UB107, UB108, UB111, UB112 and so on. Heated overblankets products models have OB201, OB202, OB203, OB204, OB206. Electric pads models are HP301, HP302, HP303, HP304,etc. FW401 and FW402 electric foot warmer use this controller. Special heating pads such as, HP330 extra big size heating pad, HP321 waist wrap heating pad, HP322 heating pillow, HP323 heating pad for neck and shoulder, HP324 heated cape


3 temperature settings with level indicator.jpg

  The fifth style controller is simlar to the third. They are both 6 temperature settings. The difference is the fifth style controller with LCD display. The typical example is BLV-OB101 electric over blanket.


Super cosy flannel fleece electric over blanket.jpg

     Compared with the third and the fifth controller, The last one is also 6 temperature settings with level indicator. Its style is different from the third and the fifth. See the following picture. Our HP305, HP306, HP307 and HP308 electric heating pads adopt this controller.

                                             Heating Pad 6 Temperature Settings With level Indicator.jpg

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