Is it safe to leave electric blanket on all night?

As the weather turning very cold,some people said that they uses Electric blanket frequently than ever.Meanwhile,they worries about is it safe to leave electric blanket on all night?Or is it a hazard to health?

The truth is:While with great temperature, it's not safe to keep an electric blanket on all night long. Electric blanket basically shouldn't be left on overnight unless the blanket includes a special thermal controller for safe use overnight.

Yes.There's nothing more soothingly warm than wrapping up in a heated blanket with a cup of tea after taking a brisk shower.However, all people worry about using it at bedtime. Doing so can lead to burns, dehydration, and there is some question about the safety of the prolonged exposure to the electromagnetic waves produced by the blanket, notes the National Cancer Institute.That’s the reason why our electric blanket with auto off function,even time settings.With these,we can provide customers a cosy sleeping atmosphere with security assurance.

So please do not leave electric blanket on all night, you will likely find that if you turn it on 40 minutes before you go to bed that the bed is toasty warm. 

And don’t worry,BSGROUP electric blanket will auto shut off in 3 hours and accompany you through the sweet night.