How to wash an electric blanket?

To keep warm in the cold conditions,an electric blanket comes in handy.At the same time,you should wash your blanket before using it for the first time.It is necessary to have a gentle washing and you can also use the machine with the lowest seetings.So how to wash an electric blanket in a safe way?


1.Disconnect the Power Cord

When you decide to wash your blanket, make sure that the power cord is unplugged before at least an hour.

2.Gentle Wash Cycle

Make sure the machine is on the lowest settings with gentle mode and do not use any chemical materials.

3.Stretch and Air Dry

You do not need to fully dry the blanket . Just stretch it fully without any folds and make it for air drying.


Following these ways,and wash your electric blanket easily!


29 Mar. 2019