How to use the electric underblanket correctly?

1. Check the electric heating blanket

Read the instruction manual carefully and operate according to the instruction manual.

Carefully check whether the power plug, power cord, temperature controller, etc. are in good condition.

2. Electric blanket should be laid flat on hard bed

,avoid folding use,

placed between the mat and the bed sheet, do not put under the use of cotton.

3.Use electric test

If the electric blanket is used for the first time or after some time to reuse,you need to do electric test.

When you power on, if the electric blanket is not hot or only part of the heat, it indicates that

the electric blanket may have a fault, unplug the power plug immediately, to be repaired before use.

4.Cut off power

When you stop using it or leave home,ple remember to cut off the power.