How To Understand Overheating Protection?

- Jun 19, 2017-

      With the development of technology, electronic products are increasingly inflated, electric accidents are nothing new now. Therefor, overheating protection is emerged. Its appearance greatly reduces equipment life span, equipment burnout, even life-threatening phenomenon. This text will make a detailed introduction about overheating protection.

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         First, Brief Introduction

         Overheating protection belongs to a kind of temperature control instrument. When temperature is overhigh, overheating protection will break circut in  order to avoid give rise to burn down equipment; When temperature reduces to normal range, circut will be closed and return to a normal state. Overheating protection has the function of self-protection and the advantages of wide application range, convenient operation and high temperature and pressure resistance.


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        Second, Classification

         Overheating protection has different classification methods according to different standard of classification. It can be divided into big volume overheating protection, common model and ultra-thin overheating protection in the light of various volumes; On the basis of its nature, it also can be classified into normal open and normal close. 


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