How To Machine Wash An Electric Blanket?

    On cold nights an electric blanket is our best companion. It helps us to protect against the cold and bring about warmth.But when it becomes dirty, how to wash an electric heating blanket? Machine washing is the most safe and common way.


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    Concrete steps to machine wash an heated blanket as follows:

            First, we need prepare for washing machine and washing power;

            Second, remove all plugs and electric cords from your blanket. If submerged in water, they will be damaged. Detailed removing ways refer to user manual;

            Third, put heating blanket in the washing machine with detergent, fill with water and spin for several mintues, and then switch to rinse and spin;

             Fourth, place heated electric throw in the dryer for no more than five minutes;

             Fifth, spread heated throw out on the floor untile it is completely dry;

             Finally, return it to your bed, plug it back in and use it again.

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