How to have better night’s rest?

 How to have better night’s rest?

A heated mattress pad is your key to better sleep in cold night.

Using a heated mattress pad is the easiest way to help improve your sleep. It provides a constant source of low level heat. Not only give you a warm, comfy bed to crawl into, it also have medicinal benefits, help to soothe aching muscles, ease painful joints and provide needed warmth for those with a specific sensitivity to cold.


Heat is nature’s own organic pain reliever. Heat therapy relax tense muscles and promote blood flow, all of which can help you to feel better and fall asleep easier. A heated mattress pad is best choice in cold night.

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3 temperature settings with led indicator: Hi-Med-Low

Automatic switch-off after 8 hours

Washable thanks to detachable controller

PTC+NTC  heating system

 ETL approval 

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