How To Distinguish flannel and coral fleece?

The difference between flannel and coral fleece is mainly divided into four aspects:
1: The flannel weight is relatively high, which means that its fabric will be thicker, but the coral fleece is warmer, and it is comfortable to cover, and it is easy to clean and does not deform without ball.

2: The flannel fleece is more delicate and dense, and the coral fleece is relatively thick and sparse; therefore, the coral fleece is prone to fluff, while the flannel is not likely to fluff.

3: With the same pattern, the coral velvet fabric will look more blurred, and the flannel fabric will be more clear and bright. In terms of price, flannel is a new product, and the technical requirements are relatively high, so the price is a little more expensive than coral fleece.

4: The surface of the front surface of the coral fleece has small coral fleece particles, and the surface of the flannel is smoother fluff. The difference in this surface is more intuitively reflected in the feel of the two fabrics, and the surface of the flannel is more for softness.