How to decide the safe of electric heating pad?

Safe is most important than others for electric heating items, so for this part, we invested a lot of energy to study, from the raw material to PCBA.
Finally, we have developed a complete set of testing methods that belong to us。

For the testing, we do the follow effort:

1. At the begining, material shall be pasted a material identification label with a stamped qualified seal if they meet the standard.
For unqualified materials, IQC issues NG report and stick unqualified label, then they will be moved to Return Area.

electric heating pad_副本

2. Light inspection: Place the blanket, pad etc. flat on the glass table, place the three tubes under the glass table. To check whether the heating wires in the blanket are knotted and overlapped.

3. Washable ability testing instrument (wash more than 5 times).

4. High-Temperature testing instrument (at the high temperature 70-celsius degrees for 1hour).

electric heating pad 1_副本

5. Heating wire bending testing instrument (back and forth 25000 times).

6. Switch lifetime testing instrument (8000 times).

7.  Controller's power cord strength testing instrument (1cm by 100N).

8. Temperature testing Instrument (constant temperature at 22±2 Celsius degrees, humidity 40%-60%).

9. Do aging test according to customer's inappropriate uses. The actual test:1600 hours(Standard 1463 hours), about 5 years life time.

10. Other testing, such as: Resistance testing instrument; Running testing instrument.

Moreover, we have 2 years warranty for every products. So pls don't worry the safe and quality about it.