How to clean electric blanket and heating pad correctly ?

For hygiene reasons, electric blankets or heating pads should be cleaned or washed from time to time to keep electric blankets or heating pad clean and beautiful.

So, the question is : " Can i wash my electric blanket or heating pad " ?


Answer is "Yes" for sure ! With detachable controller,our electric blankets and heating pad are washable, but there are some things to be aware of !

 electric blanket and heating pad    electric blanket

 Here are some useful tips :

1. Choose a gentle washing program is suitable for machine washing!

2. Before cleaning, please be sure to pull the plug out of the socket !

3. Please do not connect the heating items immediately and heat it to dryness after        cleaning! It may result in electrical short circuit,or other danger.

4. Don’t leave the electric blanket or heating pad under the hot sun!

5. Never Immerse the controller under water !

6. Do not use harsh chemicals, cleaning solvents, or strong detergents to clean the electric blankets or heating pads!

7. Do not use bristle brushes and sharp metal cleaning blankets (e.g. knives, hard spatulas, etc.) to avoid damage to the surface.

8. Do not use steam for cleaning as hot water steam can seep into the heating element and cause a short circuit.

9. Do not wring out the electric blanket, otherwise the heating wire may break


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