How to Choose a Heated Pet Bed?

- Apr 07, 2017-


Pet beds tend to be made of materials such as nylon and wool, which may come with a removable cover that can be machine-washed. We suggest choosing a more durable material if you plan to use the bed outdoors or if your pet typically exhibits destructive chewing/clawing behavior. All of electirc heated pet bed in our company are made of nylon & soft synthetic wool, which is more durable in using and better in keeping warm.

Pet bed warmers          pet warmer

If your dog or cat already has a favorite bed and is unlikely to be receptive to a new one, you can try using a simple bed warmer mat instead. This kind of product, which is available in three different sizes, runs on electricity and can be placed under the top cover of an existing pet bed to add warmth when needed.

                                  heated pet mat

In addition to the above points, don’t forget to examine the size and style of the prospective bed to ensure that your pet will have plenty of room to get comfortable and that it will be able to climb in and out easily.

Now that you have a better idea of what to look for in a heated pet bed.


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