How Much Do You Know about the Moist Heating Pad?

Moist heat therapy is a heat treatment that involves applying a moist heating pad to an affected area in order to bring about relief from the pains and aches caused by sports injury, tendon injury, muscle injury, muscle strain, sore muscles, and painful joints. It is also useful in treating conditions like arthritis, bursitis and migraine. Thermotherapy helps to increase circulation, and this in turn can bring about relaxation in muscles, joints and soft tissue, leading to pain relief and, in some cases, speedy healing. And using a moist heating pad for heat moist therapy is always the most common and useful way.

moist heating pad

Moist heating pad helps in increasing blood flow or circulation, increasing tissue elasticity or flexibility, and it will help warm up or prepare the body part to accept the exercise/stretching or massage. Moist heating pad should be used for chronic conditions such as muscle discomfort, stiffness, delivering an increased supply of oxygen and nutrients and removing waste from sore, fatigued and injured muscles.

heating pad

Using moist heating pad can be especially useful on a muscle spasm. It is amazing what moist heating pad can do in just a matter of few minutes. If you have ever used it then you know what I’m saying is true. The best news of all is that it’s readily available at a moments notice.

heating pad

Moist heating pad provide better pain relief than dry, since it penetrates deeper into the muscle. This is probably one of the top reasons for its popularity among those who seek pain relief.

Generally speaking, for minor pain 15 to 20 minutes of moist heat 3-4 times a day should be sufficient.




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