How many types do electric blankets have?

         As cold winter is coming, people all like to crawling into a warm and cosy bed. In this case, electric blankets become more and more popular. Do you know common an electric heating blanket types?


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   When we choose a heated blanket, different people have different preferences about material, voltage, power, size, heating quality, comfort, style, auto switch-off time and so on. In all, the final product should not only be warm, but also be comfort, fashionable, soft and contented. The following are some ordianry styles for your reference.


Electric Blanket


  First, fleece electric blankets are more warmer than general heated blankets. Fleece is a plush, soft, warm, lightweight, usually synthetic fabric with a deep pile, usded primarily for clothing and blankets. If you want to buy higher quality blankets, fleece will keep blanket soft and be helpful to prevent the fleece from pilling. More detailed fleece blanket informations click below pictures. 

Fleece Electric Blanket


        Second, microplush electric blanket is known for softness and easy care. Microplush is like fleece but better. It has a higher pile and longer fibers, making it softer and sturdier. Both fleece and microplush are synthetic fibers. Fleece tends to be nubbier over time when they pill up. So microplush electric blanket is the most softest and highest quality blanket. Click the following pictures to choose your favorite microplush electric blanket style.

Microplush Electric Blanket

     Third, a heating throw blanket is known for its mobility and convenience. It is more smaller than ordinary electric blankets. It is perfect for keeping on the couch. A electric heated throw is medium sized-blanket. Its distinguish feature lies in it is edged with fringe. To some extent, it becomes decorative blankets. Look at the images below to get more information.


Heating Throw

        Fourth, electric duvets and blankets are the most common form of electric blankets. A high qulity electric blanket consists of minimal wiring and heats up quickly. Duvet is a bedding filled with down feathers, wool or fiber. It is more like a pillow with covers for easy maintenance and care. In Australian English, a duvet is also called a doona. In American English, it may be called a comforter. Unlike comforters, duvets do not have multiple layers. A comforter is usually a slightly different type of bedding that is not as thick, does not have a cover and is often used over a top sheet. Many people like to use electric blankets instead of comforters owing to its function and design. Moreover, electric heating blanket is the best way to save money and keep warm in cold winter. 


Electric Blankets


                Wish you can choose a favorite electric blanket!