How can I calm my sleep down

Sleep is very important for everyone, sleep time accounts for about one third of the whole life.It is an essential physiological process to maintain people's normal life and work. Sleep not only relieves fatigue, but also replenishes the body with essential substances during sleep.

If sleep duration or quality is poor for a long time, and it seriously affects our quality of life during the day, we should take reasonable measures to adjust our sleep. The following simple introduction of several common methods for your reference:


Correct treatment of sleep. Insomnia often have common characteristics: more sensitive, love to worry, easy to anxiety, higher requirements for sleep. Sleep is the natural response of the human body.When you feel sleepy,you will sleep naturally, not try to to control it. Less think and less imagination. So, take it as it comes, and when we don't control our emotions and thoughts, we may fall asleep naturally.


Self-adjustment Reasonablely.The person that suffers from insomnia at the beginning can be corrected about a week commonly.The person that suffers from insomnia for a long time treats time to need a few longer, but if you insist to rectify, you can find healthy morph commonly. Don't eat and drink too much before going to bed and stay away from coffee and nicotine. Stick to a regular schedule and don't sleep too late on weekends. Choose exercise time. Afternoon exercise is good for sleep, and regular physical exercise can improve the quality of sleep at night. Create a comfortable sleep environment, keep the room temperature slightly cool, choose a spacious and comfortable bed and you can also choose one comfortable blanket for yourself.This blanket material is super soft flannel,help you with better sleep.Take a shower before bed. A hot bath before going to bed helps relax muscles and helps us sleep better.


Relaxation therapy.Try to learn common relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing before falling asleep, visualizing calm images, and thinking about something fun and relaxing. In addition, when sleeping naked, muscles relax effectively, relieving diseases and aches caused by daytime stress.



26th Jul. 2019