hat is the safest electric blanket?

- Jul 16, 2020-

About heating wire

At present, the most advanced heating wire in the world is the double spiral heating wire. The so-called double layer is the inner layer with nickel-chromium alloy wire, the outer layer is copper wire, the middle of the two layers is separated by PE or nylon. It is spirally wound on the wrapped inner layer, so it is called double-layer spiral heating wire.

The outer layer of the double-layer spiral heating wire mainly plays a role in signal transmission. Once the local temperature of the electric blanket is too high, it will be transmitted to the control switch. The fuse in the switch will play a protective role to avoid accidents. Compared with the traditional single-layer heating wire, the safety factor of the double-layer spiral heating wire is much improved.

So why is the safety of the single-layer heating wire not good enough?

Because the single-layer heating wire is just a straight copper wire and the temperature is mainly controlled by many components in the controller, which has the characteristics of fast heating, and this is also its biggest disadvantage. The heat is too fast and the temperature is difficult to control. So the electric blankets with single-layer wire often cause fire accidents.

About the controller

At present, most electric blankets on the market are equipped with high and low push button switches or stepless temperature adjustment switches ranging from 3 to 10 gears. The advantage of this type of switch is that it is simple and convenient to use. But the controller must have automatic off functional, which will be very safe and convenient.

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