Europe Markets Heating Pads Styles

       In the last article, we set forth America market ordinary heating pads and special heating pads. Believe that everyone has a basic knowledge of America electric heating pads. Then what kind of styles do Europe & Other markets have? 

Europe Market Heating Pads.jpg


             Like America heating pads, Europe & Other markets electric pads also are divided into ordinary styles and speail styles. Common electric heating pads sizes include three sizes--40x30cm, 63x42cm and 40x38cm. Their voltage and power are all 220V and 100W. Controllers belongs to detachable. These heating pads can fast heat in several minutes. Above all, they own overheating protection function and guarantee customers' safety. Concrete ordinary heating pads pictures click the following pictures to get detailed information.

Europe & Other Markets Ordinary Styles Heating pads.jpg

             Special heating pads have five kinds of styles, such as, HP330 extra big size heating cushion, HP321 wasist wrap heating pad, HP322 heating pillow, HP323 heating pad for neck and shoulderand HP324 heated cape.

Europe Markets Special Heating Pads.jpg

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