Enough sleep is for good health

How many peoples know how much sleep need  for good health?

Due to work, family demands, or watch a good show on television,  Peoples ofent cut back on their sleep.Less sleep may increases risk for obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease and stroke, poor mental health, and even early death. We found that enough sleep is most important, I am glad to share sleep hours with you.

Sleep hour will change as your age.

1. Pre-School      10-13 hours per night

2. School age      9-12  hours per night

3.  Teen                 8-10  hours per night

4.  Adult                7 or more hours

Enough Sleep

Some tips for improving your health sleep

* Soft  Flannel Electric Over- blanket

   Hi-Med-Low temperature for you select;  easy to clean; Fasting heating and overheating protection, more safety and       comfortable, help you fall asleep more easily

* Regular rest time

* Make sure your bedroom is quiet, relaxing & at a comfortable temperature

* Remove electronic device

* Avoid tobacco/nicotine

* Get some exercise

Good sleep quality is an essential for health life, Electric over-blanket provide you warmth and comfort all night

long with expectionally low running cost. Why not choose Electric over-blanket???

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Have a nice weekend

Lily  Jan.11,2019