Electric Blankets Production Flow Brief Introduction

Electric blanket because of its volume is small, weight is light, and easy to operate, it has become kind of popular heating tool in the cold winter among consumer.

We (Bellavie and Sunbright Group Co., Ltd.) have specialized in Electric Blankets and heating pad for over 15 years.

Here we'd like to introduce our electric blankets production process briefly,

The production process is slightly different between North American 110V products and European(as well other areas) 220V products.

Please kindly check as followings:

Production Flow:

North American 110V products

European 220V products



● Material Inspection

●Fabric inspection

● Quilting

● Cutting

● Embroidery machine

● Stamp Welding

● Stitching

● Threading

● Sewing

● High-Pot Test 4500v

● Running Test

● Resistance Test

● Complete Package

● Stamp welding

● Fabric cutting

● Punching for Socket

● Trimming edges

● Threading heating wire

● Light Inspection

● Socket base Installation 

● Tin soldering

● Resistance measurement

● High-pot  Testing

● Running testing

● The second light Inspection

● Package 

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