Electric Blanket Maintenance and Storage Instructions

When we want to store an electric blanket, the best way is roll it up.



First----Maintenance of the power cord of the switch

          A. Please clean the surface with neutral detergent when it is dirty and wipe it dry with soft cloth.

          B. Don’t clean it with industrial solvent like benzene or kerosene.

Second----Caution for storage

         A. Store electric heating blanket only if it is dry. It should be hanged at a ventilated location to dry naturally. Don’t connect the blanket to power supply to dry it. Don’t dry it in the sun or iron it, which will cause safety problems because of the aging of the insulating layer.

        B. The dry electric heating blanket should be folded without any crease. Don’t place it under quilt or other things in order to avoid any pressure.

        C. Don’t use any mothproofing agent like naphthalene, which will damage the insulation material.


BLV-OB204 electric heating throw Flannel.jpg